Hausformator offer for the franchisee

The franchisee has the opportunity to obtain exclusivity for a specific area for production, sales, and marketing activities using Hausformator technology, materials, and designs.

Hausformator technology

Modular houses in Hausformator technology

Hausformator offers customers the construction of modular houses based on a steel supporting structure combined with wooden beams. The houses are manufactured in production plants as blocks (6.0x3.2x3.2 m) already with distributed installations, windows, doors and interior in the developer's state, i.e. plasterboard. After delivering the modules to the plot to the customer, the house is placed on the foundations and all parts are screwed together. Then the house is plastered with guns, metal tiles and gutters are installed. Such assembly at the customer's site takes a maximum of one week, after which the house is ready in a developer's standard. The hausformator offer concerns: obtaining a permit, laying foundations and building a house to the developer's standard. House designs are tailored to the client by our architects.

"Franchise Offer for You

By joining the Hausformator network, you gain:

1. We offer exclusivity in your chosen area for the sale and production of Hausformator modular homes. You have the opportunity to set prices for homes and additional services. You will not face competition from other production facilities.

2. We do not charge commissions on completed orders!

(We only require a license and monthly territorial fee.)

3. We provide the opportunity to use Hausformator projects, graphics, home photos, and other materials for marketing purposes.

4. We offer a professional website for customers with paid global marketing.

5. Access to tools on the internal Hausformator portal (contract generator, order processing, executive designs) for building a production facility.

6. Training in Hausformator technology.

Exclusive Area

By signing the agreement, we establish an exclusive area in which each serviced customer can only be served by your production facility. The monthly fee amount depends on the selected area.

Requirements for a Hausformator Franchisee

You don't need to have experience in construction work. All that's required is dedication and capital, we will assist you in developing an efficiently functioning Hausformator branch and provide training in our technology.

Anticipated Operating Costs for the production plant:

-Rental of a production hall

-Employment of 3 assemblers and 1 welder

-Investment in paid marketing (Google Ads in the exclusive area)

-Leasing of a bus for on-site installations

-Monthly territorial fee

Cost of Purchasing Materials for Building a House:

-We offer the option to purchase a complete set of materials from the franchisor

-Or the purchase of materials from local suppliers

Estimated Total Investment Capital:

44 000 Euro (without a model house)

84 000 Euro (with a model house)

The above amounts include expenses related to running the facility for the first few months, such as hiring personnel, purchasing tools, constructing a welding cage, marketing, etc.

Commission for the Franchisor

-License 100 000 zł (about 23 000 Euro) for joining the network

-Monthly territorial fee for the exclusive area

No other fees - you only gain with us.

How to Calculate an Approximate Profit Value?

For example, a customer's order might include:

(GX70 House + Transport + Foundations + 70cm Knee Wall)

+ Order Value:

- Cost of house materials

- Cost of concrete for foundations and the team's arrival

- Anticipated operating costs for the production plant

- Cost of traveling for installation at the customer's site

Profit needs to be calculated individually due to varying costs in different regions. House prices are determined by the franchisee. Customers who own land within the franchisee's exclusive territory cannot order a house from another franchise branch! (Such situations are only possible with the consent of all parties involved.) The team's efficiency (3 assemblers, 1 welder) allows for the construction of 1.5 GX70 houses (with a utility floor), which equals a total of 12 modules.

Building a House in 21 Days

Hausformator Technology

The construction of modules for a GX70 house in the production facility takes an average of 2 weeks.

1. Welding of Steel Module Frames

Using a special welding cage, the frames for the ground floor and upper floor modules are welded. The welding cage is part of the start-up package provided by the franchisor.

2. Construction of the Wooden Frame for Floors, Walls, and Ceiling

Wall frames are assembled separately according to the design, including openings for windows and doors.

3. Electrical and Hydraulic Installations

Once the wooden walls are already installed in the modules, the electrician and plumber begin their work to distribute the installations.

4. Insulation and Sealing of Module Walls

Rockwool insulation is inserted between the wooden beams. Then, OSB and plasterboard panels are installed. On the outside of the modules, styrofoam and mesh with adhesive are applied.

5. Installation of Windows and Doors

Modules with already installed windows and doors are protected with foil and can be positioned outside the production hall. When all modules are ready, a final inspection is conducted, and the customer pays the remaining amount.

6. Modules are Transported to the Customer

Trucks with hydraulic cranes load and unload the modules using traverses. In cases where access to the customer's foundations is difficult, a crane is rented.

7. Installation at the Customer's Location

The team assembles the modules together, then plaster the walls and install sheet metal roofing.

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Market Research, Offer Customization

When opening a production facility in a specific country, our architects will ensure that the projects meet local requirements and prepare new projects tailored specifically to that market.

The Hausformator offering is constantly expanding with new house models. Our technology allows for the construction of more complex shapes than traditional prefab houses with separate walls. When building a house based on a steel frame, we always ensure that the walls are straight and the structure is sufficiently durable.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with all our models

Training, Show Houses

Based on our experience, the franchisee receives training materials and full technical support. Our facility in Wrocław offers the opportunity to show clients around the houses displayed on the premises in front of the production facility.

Most customers, to make a decision about buying a house, require the opportunity to see the house in person. By investing in a show home, it is much easier to convince the customer to sign a contract. This is a good investment that also brings profit from customer orders.

Installation Team

Every franchise production facility should have a vehicle equipped with tools for performing house installations at the customer's site. As a network, we provide a personalized design for the graphics on the van. Connecting the modules, plastering, and finishing the roof typically takes between 3 to 7 days.

Professional execution of the installation service always results in new orders from the area. That's why we pay great attention to details, especially maintaining cleanliness after completing the work.

Current Offer of Hausformator Houses

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